New fashion trend – Clothes Made in Canada.

made in Canada clothingDo you buy clothes that are made in Canada? Many more Canadian shoppers now considering the origin of the clothes they buy. This is what the analysts call economic nationalism. Apart from showing a good patriotic spirit, it actually makes sense for us.

According to a report for the Canadian Apparel Federation, every $1M dollars spent on manufacturing produces 16 jobs for local workers and nearly $600,000 in wages earned. Buying local produced goods supports local business, creates jobs is the community and improves the country’s trade balance. Did you know that just 14% of all the clothes for sale in Canada are made here? A 1% increase would add over 2,200 jobs and generate $81 million in earnings for our citizens,

Back in 2013 the Business Development Bank of Canada reported Five Game-Changing Trends in consumer behavior. The third item on that list was the “Made in Canada” factor. Today that trend continues to grow. Consumers have become more aware of production standards that apply in countries around the world.

Many people appreciate that local Canadian production standards are safer and that workers are more protected.  The report says that Canadians are willing to pay 15% more for products produced in an ethical manner. Add to this the environmental impact of global transport of goods across continents, the quality of the finished product and it becomes easy to see why. Two thirds of Canadians have made an effort to buy Canadian-made products

Quality clothing will last longer and keep its shape. The wise clothes buyers see that it the higher quality clothing is actually worth the premium price. They know that this will save them money in the longer term.

Bijou Boutique has several Made in Canada brands. These include Miik, Joseph Ribkoff, Lokosport, Zoe and M.I.K.O.