Joseph Ribkoff is a quintessential Canadian clothing designer. Started in 1957 the company which is based in Dorval, QC has spread to 55 international markets on the strength of the quality of design and manufacture. Even today all the clothes are designed, sewn and produced in Dorval in an 80,000 square foot facility. With his concern for quality, Ribkoff is proud to haveĀ  maintained Canadian production at a time when many clothiers outsource to Asia.

The clothes speak for themselves and Bijou Boutique is equally proud to be a supplier of Joseph Ribkoff’s women’s dresses, jackets, tops, tunics, pants and more in London, Ontario.

TheĀ  Spring 2022 collection clothes from Joseph Ribkoff are in store and available, Bijou Boutique carries a large range of Ribkoff clothes all year round.

Plus sizes

If you are looking for dresses to fit a fuller figure the Joseph Ribkoff collections cater for larger plus sizes XL and XXL ( sizes 16-22) . Bijou Boutique has helped many local clients find something to suit. We have in store items and can also order any size available with the designers and have it delivered in a few days.