Designer ladies clothes at clearance prices.

 We always have a great selection of discounted sale clothing in the store whatever the season.

Be sure to come in and ask about the clearance clothing items.

Don’t miss out as sizes as supplies are limited.

Up to 70% off and more on these and other clearance products.

With the seasons seeming to change so quickly for us it is always a good time to shop for that ‘just right’ item.

 Visit Bijou Boutique for seasonal clothing on sale now to get a great deal while these stocks last

Trish always aims to keep a great selection of all types of garment from winter coats and jackets, dresses and skirts in a variety of lengths and styles, to tops and sweaters. Providing clients with interesting, exclusive and unique clothes is the goal.

But of course anyone  who has visited the store in Byron will be know that space is valuable here!  Having plenty of choice  also means  that  we have to make room for new arrivals and so we have sale pricing on many items from our earlier seasons’ collections.

Come in to see where there may be that special something for you at a price that makes you smile too. Or contact Trish for details on 519-472-0123