Your very own free personal dressing advisor.

At Bijou Boutique every client is special.


Buying clothes can be a very personal experience for many. Not everyone is as confident as they would like to be when trying new styles. This can make shopping for new looks can be daunting. Often it is helpful to have a second opinion on hand for honest feedback and advice, especially someone you can trust fully. Ladies will frequently have their trusted ‘shopping partners’ who they can rely on to help find something that ‘ looks just right’.


Bijou Boutique has quickly built a reputation for the way in which they look after their  clients. It is not just the range of exclusive designer clothes that has developed this reputation. Many Bijou clients keep coming back to the store because they feel they have  their very own ‘shopping partner’ right here in the store. Owner, Trish, is almost always in the store herself.  With a caring and supportive personality, she will always provide a true and honest opinion. She understands that if a client buys a garment which does not really fit correctly or suit their body type they will ultimately not  be happy with the purchase or themselves and it will not be a good reflection on her business. You can rest assured that you will never be encouraged to buy a product if it does not look right. You can have your very own personal shopping advisor.

There are plenty of choices in the store and Trish knows them all. She can help find and advise on which dress or other garment works best for you body type, colour complexion and more and then build a  co-ordinated look for you with complementing items that suit. There are few women’s clothes stores that will advise you NOt to buy an item from them. Not so at Bijou Boutique. All clients will receive the advice that works for them, not the store. That’s why the Facebook reviews  for this store show a perfect score!


This level of detail is what makes Bijou Boutique a truly unique store with an unrivalled standard of personal service and stands it apart from every other ladies clothing store in the London area. At Bijou Boutique the customer receive not just the personal attention that is lacking in larger shopping mall chain stores but a personal dress service that some other clothes boutiques will actually charge for as an extra service. With Trish this is all part of here devotion to her business and her valued clients and it is free to everyone who wants it.