Why women love clothes by Miik

What makes Miik clothes so appealing


This is a video from a while ago produced by Miik . We are posting it as a reminder of why the clothes Miik designs and makes in Canada are so popular. As one of the more popular designer lines sold at Bijou Boutique, Miik clothes are known for their style but more so for their comfort. We have more Miik Spring clothes for 2016 arriving soon.


Clothing made from bamboo rayon fabric

Many Miik clothes are made from bamboo which is not only more sustainable as a resource but is supremely comfortable for the wearer. The garments are cut beautifully so that they hang well and they have a quality feel. There are many benefits to using these fabrics. See more here https://mybijouboutique.com/bamboo-fabrics-used-Miik-clothes