What to wear on your cruise

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Essential cruise wear at Bijou Boutique London, ON
Pic courtesy of Sura Nualpradid / FreeDigitalPhots.net


Our first delivery of cruise wear for 2014 is starting to arrive.

Packing clothes for a cruise can be more difficult than a normal trip. The range of activities can vary from dressing for a stately ballroom evening event to climbing  a hill, lounging on the beach or shopping in a delightful cultural town centre. In other words, you need to be versatile and plan ahead. Not least because the amount of luggage you can take id often limited and so you need to think carefully about what you pack. Efficient packing which combines elegance and functionality is needed.


Watch out for the weather – always check ahead to see what you should expect. If your destination included somewhere hot then make sure you have the right clothes to protect from damaging sun light. The big hat and the sunglasses are essential. Consider also some light work out clothes or active wear, not just for the occasional work-out in the cruise ship’s gym but as a cover up for the sunny but cooler days. The odd wrap, sarong or maybe even a ruana will be useful too and of course can be versatile to combine with other lighter clothing quickly and easily.


Cruises are characterized by their exciting and luxurious evenings. Elegant dinners with light cotton dresses, whether casual or a more formal style can fit the bill. Don’t forget a light jacket to wrap up in on the chillier evenings when the sea breezes can make it fell much cooler.


Check the itinerary and the list of activities offered on the trip and make sure that you have the appropriate clothes for any activities you may want to indulge in. Above all make sure you are comfortable and always be prepared. The swim suit is an essential but many occasion require a little more formality. Capris and light airy tops will always work and if you have the right style it will carry you further.


Cruise wear has just arrived at Bijou Boutique. Plan ahead and enjoy your trip.