The secrets of quality women’s clothing

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You will have seen that clothing can range widely in price. Clothes that at face value look similar differ in price by a large factor. Does this seem right?

The answer of course is that as with many things in life, generally you get what you pay for. In the modern world where consumers have access to lots of information via the internet, we experience an efficient market. This means that the buyer and the market dictates the price for which an item can be sold. The days of over-charging for substandard products are rapidly disappearing.

As far as clothes are concerned, there is a discernable different in quality between the low and high price ranges. Poor quality clothing will have a shorter lifespan and won’t wear as well as higher quality items. If you spend a little more on your choices, you’ll find that you need fewer pieces in your closet and you’ll feel better wearing the clothing you have.

You can check the characteristics than quality clothes have over the cheaper varieties and look for these when you shop.

The fabric

Quality fabric looks and feels very different. A quick visit to a quality fashion boutique or clothing store will soon reveal this. You can check for yourself how the fabrics feel by comparison to a cheaper store .Check for quality also by holding up to the light and look for visible flaws and pulls in the structure of the fabric. It should be cut and sewn on the grain. Patterns and stripes should match all over the garment. Not run against each other. Quality fabric will hold its shape well if you scrunch it in your fist then let go.


High quality women’s clothing is lined with quality fabric that drapes smoothly. Good choices are silk or rayon. A hand stitched lining is another sign of quality. . If the lining was properly sewn into the garment, it will not be tight. Instead, it will hang with a bit of give so it doesn’t rip or tear.


High quality women’s clothing will have straight stitching with an average of ten stitches per inch. Garments with uneven or loose stitches should be avoided since they won’t have the durability needed for long term wear.

Hems and seams

Quality garments have hems that are hand sewn and invisible from the outside of the garment. A quality garment will also have a good generous hem overlap.

Belts that form part of a clothing item such as a jacket are a great tell-tale sign. Typically, if the belt is of low quality, looks cheap and is tacky then it is most likely that the garment will follow the same trend.


A signature sign of high quality women’s clothing is to have buttonholes which fit neatly over the button. Buttons themselves should be of high quality and properly attached with adequate thread. You can tell a poor production process in the making of the clothes by loose and poorly positioned buttons. Similarly, zippers should be of a suitable colour that blends with the color of the garment. They should be unobtrusive and subtle. Check the movement of the zipper is smooth as a sign of quality

Quality clothes last longer and in the long term can in fact cost you less. This is particularly true of shoes as I am sure we all know because the wear is more obvious but the same applies to clothing as a whole.
Shop well and make your choices wisely based not just on style and fashion but on quality too.