An invitation to clients – Review Bijou Boutique on Google

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  1. Review Bijou Boutique on Google


As a newly launched business we are keen to build a reputation which reflects the levels of service that we like to provide to our clients.

You can help by adding your opinions in an online review. Here’s how:


    1.  Open your web browser and go to
    2.  At the top of the page type in ‘Bijou Boutique’ in the search box
    3.  Make sure the location is London, ON and press the blue search button.
    4. You will see the search result for Bijou Boutique.
    5. Click on the pencil icon as  shown by the red arrow here
    6.  Add your review

I try hard to provide the best shopping experience for my clients. I hope that you feel that you enjoy your visits to the store and am grateful if you let others know.

Thank you,


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 Reviews on google

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