The Bijou Boutique Garden Party

Bijou Boutique held a Garden Party on Thurs August 21st 2014 in appreciation of all the clients who have bought designer clothes, women’s dresses, top and other ladies fine clothing supplied by the store since their recent opening just 8 months ago. The party was attended by well over one hundred of Trish’s clients and everyone had a great time. Thanks to everyone for coming and making the Garden party a warm social occasion.

The boutique which opened in Byron next to Starbucks late in 2013 has quickly made an impact on the Byron community and already has a wonderful group of loyal clients who have been regular visitors to the store for both the remaining summer clothes on sale and the exciting new fall 2014 season clothes from a range of designers. Trish aims to find clothes which a unique and not found elsewhere and yet have the style and appeal for a large age range of ladies looking for that special look for any occasion.

The party featured wine and cheese along with some special pastries made by Lois. The entertainment was provided by the Ken Varley Duo who, despite the humidity on the day, played long into the evening and made the occasion  special.



Bijou Boutique is a  ladies clothing retail store sells women s clothing from many exclusive designer lines which are a great alternative to the commonly found clothing lines in the major retail shopping malls. Located on Commissioners Road West in Byron Bijou Boutique is a refreshing shopping location for ladies in West London looking for exclusive dresses, jackets  tops and more.