Fashion tips – How to look good as you mature more.

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Elegant mature ladyFashion headlines are made by the brash and super-sparkling young people of today. However, elegance and style remains the preserve of the more mature woman. As we mature we may think it is harder to look good, but applying a few rules will always help you retain your style.

Open your wardrobe, remove the following and DISCARD or send to the Goodwill store
• Floor-length floral printed dresses
• Long (ankle length), unstructured, A-line skirts
• Pants with elasticated waistbands
• Unstructured pants and suits
• Large, oversized t-shirts
• Sweaters with embroidery, appliques, etc
Have some great accessories
Not over the top jewellery but one great stand -out piece that shows your style
Consider denim
Yes it’s the younger persons fabric, but you can look good in denim too, especially with jeans that include spandex / lycra blends. Wear boot cut types to create attention away from a larger mid section. pair with brightly coloured top but avoid a complete denim outfit. That’s a total ‘No”

Lots of colour
Paler skin tones? Choosing accent colours to match your eye colour works well.
For darker skin tones then you can get away with really bright colours

Standard rules to apply
– For skirts, stick to straight or A-line cuts that hit slightly below the knee.
– Wear a shoes with a slight heel. These are both comfortable and very stylish
– A couple of fitted (not tight) t-shirts and tanks to wear underneath blazers or light jackets